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Truck and Chris Ervin

Since meeting in 2007 Truck and Chris have enjoyed the kind of natural musical chemistry that comes from a shared creative spirit and close friendship. They have been described as a perfect match, often playing songs from that can transport the listener to the Peruvian Andes, or the sands of Arabia.

Chris Ervin bought his first drum set when he was nine years old with money he made from mowing lawns. His inspired hand percussion on the middle eastern Dumbek and the Spanish Cajón are the perfect compliment to Truck's world influenced in American roots music. A true Renaissance man, Chris is an accomplished visual artist as well. As a creative director he has worked with groups like the Eagles, ZZ Top, Ozzy Osbourne and Heart. And has worked on over sixty feature films and hundreds of broadcast projects.

In addition to their frequent club appearances, Truck and Chris recently performed as part of the "Summer Sounds" concert series in Sandpoint Idaho, and in November of 2010 they were featured on KPBX Spokane Public Radio's live broadcast for the Fall Folk Festival in Spokane Washington.

Inspired by ancient musical traditions from around the world as well as American roots music, Truck and Chris' music is a blending of east and west, old and new, drawing the best from both.

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